Those who eat healthy, balanced diets have no need for multivitamins save for when prescribed by a physician. However, there are certain periods in life when multivitamins are a necessity. Childhood, pregnancy and seniority are prime examples of periods in life where multivitamins are needed. As a kid, I liked nothing but hotdogs. As you can see, this limited diet would have killed me if my parents were less stubborn than I was. In pregnancy, the body needs multivitamins to adapt to its constantly changing condition. In the elderly, bodily systems start to fail. More and more nutrients are required to keep systems up and running. In reverse, some nutrients will be harmful to the aged.

Multivitamins are essential for people who cannot get enough of the required nutrients through their regular dietary intake. Times of illness and incapacitation usually require extra supplementation also, because the body is healing and the nutritional requirements are greater. The elderly have greater dietary needs as well, and they are usually not able to fulfill them through diet alone, requiring multivitamins, in addition to calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Multivitamins are essential to anyone who has a chronic disease, a genetic condition, or who find themselves in some type of medical crisis. A physician or other qualified health care professional should supervise the use of multivitamins, in these types of situations. Furthermore, prescribed doses should be followed at all times. Some vitamins can have interactions with prescription medications, such as Coumadin or Warfarin and vitamin K. It is important to let your health care provider know of all medications and supplements you are using and how much you take.

Multivitamins are readily available and reasonably priced; most are available without a prescription, and are available in various forms as well, such as capsules, powders, liquids, and tablets, some of which are chewable, like vitamin C. Always read the labels, and take only as recommended; most multivitamins should be taken with food, or they could cause stomach upset. If you notice any type of reaction, stop taking the multivitamins immediately and notify your health care provider. It may be that you just can’t take that specific brand of multivitamins, so don’t rule out taking any type of vitamin. Multivitamins without extra additives and ingredients are usually best because they are better digested and are more easily absorbed by the body.

A physician, nutritionist or dietitian will know what your body lacks and what it has too much of. Consult with them to learn more about your health and how to keep it.

Don’t expect to get miracle results overnight.

People tend to take three years to put on fat and want to lose it in 10 days. It generally doesn’t work that way. It’s about setting a realistic goal for your self and making sure all you are willing to do what it takes to achieve that goal.

Make a change.

There is no use saying I want to be 20% less body fat and lose 20 kg if you are not willing to change anything to get there as you it is silly to learn in which you can choose what effect that will be used on a. It’s about recognizing the commitments and changing your lifestyle.

Incidental exercise counts.

Most people tend to think of exercise as this enormous time consuming chore all that I have to do every single day of their life. Walking the kids to school, taking the stairs, parking the car a bit further away, all those things really add up. It makes a huge difference to your body and really helps you to burn body fat.

Be consistent.

Everybody tends to be full hundred percent or nothing with the efforts. If you can only manage 70% effort, then that’s great. It is better for you to be consistent. At least you are going down the right path. It’s about recognizing where you can sit comfortably and just being consistent with it.

Involve the whole family.

You don’t have to be a social hermit to go off on your own to do these things. Try to think of clever ways you can involve your kids, family or partner and make it enjoyable. For example, ride a bike with the kids, take them to the park and get out into the fresh air.

I move into my new loft in January and have started the packing and decluttering process. My current apartment is 600 SF in Uptown Dallas and I’ll be moving into a 500 SF loft in Deep Ellum. I am quite sad to leave the convenience of my current one bedroom… it is within walking distance to my work, restaurants, bars, etc. It’s in a lovely historic neighborhood with a beautiful downtown view, which you see above, and I love walking my dog around here! But I will save a considerable amount of money by moving and will still only be a couple miles from work. The area I’m moving to has a lot of character and I am excited for a new experience, just wish I could take my view with me!

Once when I was in hospital I was interviewed by a very earnest researcher who was investigating the use of alcohol. At that time I was drinking nearly a bottle of wine each night. The last question he asked was, had I ever had any hallucinations? I answered, “no”. But this is what I should have said.

“How would I know? Any half-way decent, self respecting hallucination is indistinguishable from reality. That’s what makes it an hallucination. Maybe this whole business is an hallucination. Maybe in real life I am a teen-age girl, a vampire slayer and the horrors of my vocation have driven me to believe I’m an old man, suffering from cancer in a universe where vampires are fictional creatures.

“The question is, then, what are you? Are you a real person, trying to help me come to my senses. Or are you a demon trying to drive me even further insane. Or do you exist at all? Are you just a figment of my imagination, an hallucination in your own right?

“Nah! No, I’m not hallucinating. All this is real, you are real, the hospital is real and those bats up there in the corner, they are real.”

But I doubt whether he would have seen Lost Weekend, so he might not get the reference.