It has boggled the minds of adults and kids alike, find out now.

Here is a mystery that makes the minds of many adults, and kids alike wonder. So why do Rice Krispies pop? What makes the famous “Snap, Crackle, Pop” noises? The answer to this question may never fully be answered, but there are a few explanations of course.

One explanation according to Kellogg’s is that it is the food talking to you, but that of course, doesn’t make much sense at all. However, this explanation makes sense to a large sum of kids; who knows, maybe Kellogg’s wasn’t lying. Science has another view at this mystery. Even though not completely proven, because the government doesn’t spend money on these types of experiments, it is almost 99% sure that this is the reason. The explanation is against the talking cereal idea, but there is still a way to keep it combined. The “real” reason that the pop occurs is because the Krispies are because Rice Krispies are made in hot conditions, and as we know, Krisipies have sugars (starch) in them. It is so hot that sugar/starch makes crystal like structures. Each tiny piece of Krispy has a little trapped air inside, and when you pour cold, yummy milk in there, the air tries to get outside because of the milk’s pressure. The walls of the Krispy aren’t that strong, so it gives and lets the air out, and that, guess what?creates the SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! How does it feel to have it out of your mind? That’s another mystery solved, and a beginning to another one.

There you have it, the secrets of the Rice Krispies, but to believe this or not, is entirely up to you. Now you can share your knowledge with others (or keep it all for yourself). Anyhow, be sure to keep out an eye for an explanation of your own, maybe as they say, it is talking to you, for you can’t be sure of anything in existence


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