It is absolutely more fun eating at home.  Although, there is the sense that you will be waited on and treated like royalty, maybe, in a restaurant, if you eat at home you do not have to ‘dress up’ and will more likely use what you have on hand rather than spending more money for food in a restaurant.

If it is a holiday, a lot of fun is shared in preparing the food.  Maybe a new recipe is being shared and the look on the people’s faces that are sampling it is sometimes a lot of fun to watch – is it a hit or a miss?

Sometimes, children can be a handful if you decide to go out and eat, especially if it is for dinner.  They get finicky having to wait for their food and are just not relaxed around all the hubbub of a restaurant.

Now, eating at a restaurant can be fun.  Especially, if you are celebrating someone’s birthday, i. e., a co-worker or best friend.  However, their birthdays can also be celebrated at the office and at your home, according to how close you are to them and there won’t be the problem of running late from lunch because you had to wait for the food.

Most people work and when five o’clock arrives, they want to go home and shed the work clothes and just relax.  Sometimes, dinner is not so important unless there are children involved, but they can be satisfied with some hot soup and a sandwich some nights.  So can you.

People who are stay-at-home spouses generally cook the meal for the night which becomes a habit.  If they are like me, there is much sampling taking place during the cooking so when meal time comes, their hunger has been sated and the thought of getting dressed or more food is unheard of.

Couples who are celebrating an anniversary usually go out to celebrate but then, sometimes, they had rather stay at home and just enjoy each other, maybe ordering in.  This can be fun for most couples celebrating with a bottle or two of their favorite wine or champagne and this relieves them of the responsibility of driving home after imbibing.

The sampling while cooking is most fun.  One can tell you to put a pinch of this while another tells you to add a pinch of that and, after all is said and done, the dish turns into a hit recipe that stays in the family for a hundred years or so.

The relaxation of staying home and eating wins me over.  You feel you have to be on your best behavior when eating out and can’t run to the couch or bedroom for a quickie break like you can at home.  At least, that’s the way I feel.

Either way, food is food and we all love it.

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