Dry humping is when people simulate sexual intercourse while fully clothed. There are no real rules for how to do it, but it generally works much like sexual intercourse does as far as positions go. When two people dry hump, one will usually get on top of the other and they will rub their pelvises together. This can be very pleasurable and a good way to be intimate with another person without penetration.



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Birth Control is a prevent measure of ovulation. When you stop taking birth control, the hormones in your body go out quickly leaving your body to start again on its own. Every woman’s body is different, some it can take a few days, others a few weeks, even a few months for it to get back on its own track. Therefore your body has irregular periods. Though your body should be at its normal functioning with in two to three months after stopping the pill.

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If you know how to Julienne vegetables then you can turn an ordinary meal into a spectacular meal. To Julienne any vegetable means to wash and prepare it and then cut it into very fine batons. The ultra fine batons of vegetables cook quickly, they look highly attractive and they also make a good garnish.

Choose the vegetables that you would like to cut Julienne. Root vegetables are a popular choice. Wash the vegetables, peel and prepare them in the normal way. Lay the chopping board on the kitchen counter and place a good sharp knife in readiness. It is preferable to use a straight edged knife blade.

Each Julienne strip needs to be more or less the same size. The strip of vegetable will need to be about the size of an average matchstick. Any longer and the strip of vegetable will prove difficult to eat. Because the strips of vegetable are about the same size this means that they will cook at the same rate. If you choose to steam the Julienne vegetables then this means that they will all be ready to serve at the same time.

If you have chosen to Julienne some carrots then cut the washed and peeled carrot into two inch lengths. Then lay one piece of carrot on the chopping board and slice it into thin layers. When you are using this technique it is essential to take the greatest of care with the kitchen knife. Once the carrot has been cut into layers then the layers of vegetables need to be cut into ultra thin batons. Lay a couple of layers of the thin carrot on the chopping board and begin to slice them lengthways into matchsticks.

This process takes time but once the vegetables are cut they look superb. You can go one step further by making bundles of Julienne vegetables. Cut a long thin strip of leek to act as a tie for the Julienne bundle. Lay the strip of leek on the clean chopping board and place a few strips of vegetable on top of the leek strip. Use the strip of leek as a tie and make an attractive bundle out of the fine carrot batons. Lay the bundles in the steamer and cook.

Julienne vegetables are particularly good served with salad. The thin strips of vegetables are easy to eat and digest. Preparing and serving vegetables in this way is time consuming but well worth the time and effort.


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To come off Prozac, wean yourself off gradually, begin by reducing the number of days you take it.You can start by taking Prozac on alternate days, then every other two days and so on until you completely stop. If a person stops taking this medicine abruptly then withdrawal effects may occur, like nausea and mood swings.

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