The simplest way to know you are having a miscarriage is heavy bleeding and period like pains. However, miscarriage does happen in the earlier stages of pregnancy and it is hard to know. In the later stages of the pregnancy one experience labour like pains, heavy bleeding and sometimes the water breaks.

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Many recipes use either just the yolk or the white of an egg. Accomplished cooks may find that they can easily separate an egg by cracking the shell and keeping the white in one half and the yolk in the other half. Amateur cooks may prefer to look for the easiest way to separate an egg and this probably will involve using an egg separator.

An egg separator is an incredibly useful kitchen gadget. An egg separator is easy to use and it parts the yolks from the whites with ease. There are various types of egg separators but among one of the easiest to use looks a little like a tea-strainer.

The egg separator is placed on top of a small bowl. The egg is cracked and then poured into the straining tool. The egg yolk is caught in the top of the egg separator and the white pours through the strainer into the bowl below. The task is so simple that this has to be the easiest way to separate an egg.

If separating an egg is a complete puzzle then it may help to watch a short video that can be found on You Tube. The short video runs through the process step by step. Granted the cook separates the white from the yolk without the use of an egg separator but the short video offers clear and concise instructions.

The easiest way to separate an egg is the way that one is comfortable with. Many cooks like to cup a spotlessly clean hand, break the egg into the cupped hand and let the white run through their fingers into a bowl that waits below. This is not a difficult method, if anything it is easy once well practised.

Another one of the easiest ways to separate an egg is to cup the yolk with an egg cup and pour the white into a bowl. Just break the egg onto a saucer, place the egg cup over the yolk and then pour the white into a clean bowl.

If the recipe demands egg whites that are pure and not tainted with yolk then one needs to use a fool-proof method. For example tainted egg whites are no use at all for making meringues. If this is the case then try using a proper egg separating tool. A range of egg separating tools are available on the Amazon website and they are inexpensive little gadgets.

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Delay in messages you send in Microsoft Outlook can be created by making a transmit-delay rule. This is done by clicking tools, rules and alerts, new rule then start from a blank rule. Unfortunately, the message can only be delayed for 120 minutes. Messages to deliver on a specific date can use the delivery options for each individual message.

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